The Stuart Fremont Theatre

The Stuart Fremont Theatre shows first-run movies in Stuart, Iowa. Stop in for a big theater experience in a small-town atmosphere.

Screens and Seating

Our theatre features one full-size screen and seats 90 people.

Projectors and Sound

Our theatre feature top-of-the-line digital projection and 7.1 surround sound.

R-Rated Movies

Age verification may be asked before admittance to R-rated films. Individuals under 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to view an R-rated film. The parent or guardian must stay throughout the film.

Respectful Watching

We ask that all customers enjoy the films in a respectful manner. Customers who are too loud, use their cell phones during the film, or cause other issues may be asked to leave.

Our theater is handicap accessible with an access ramp in the front.

For the hearing and visually impaired individuals, we have closed captioning and assistive listening devices available. Ask at the front desk.

Where to Find Us:

124 N Fremont Street, Iowa, IA 50220


Generally open daily from 6pm-9pm, as well as 1pm-4pm on weekends